To do or not to do?

Today I had an epiphany… that I really need to make up my mind on whether or not I should finish my MBA.  I will start… and then stop… and then start… and then stop.  It’s not exactly the cheapest hobby to have.  But unfortunately, every time I think I’ll just finish, I start to think, ‘is this what I really want to do?’

I mean, business people can be so stuffy and boring… so straight-laced.  All things that I am not.  Sometimes I feel like the only way for me to fit in to the business world would be to get my degree.  In my current job, I feel like the only way for me to learn more and move within the company would be to go back to school.  I feel like I have SO much to learn.  I didn’t have this thought when I worked at my last job.  But then again, at my last job, I was a flippin genius.  So, is my nervousness just insecurity… or am I really evaluating my current situation and future potential?

One plus about going back to school would be that I could use the very small amount of money I am paying toward my student loans o pay towards other debts.  If I did this, I would be putting T and I in a little better place to handle the students loans when I finished.  I have also found a couple of employers that offer recent MBA grads an 18-24 month management program where they intern in a couple of different departments to learn all aspects of the company.  These positions offer a significant better starting salary than what I currently make.  If I could pay down some of our debts, and then get a better salary, I would be able to better afford our student loans.

On the downside, do I want to add another 25-35 thousand to my already crazy high student loans?  What if I can’t find a better paying job and am stuck trying to find a second job to pay the loans?  I am already freaking out about when my forbearance period ends… there is no way that I will be able to pay those loans back in my current financial position.

Decisions.  Decisions.  Too many thoughts and different routes things could take.  My right eye feels like it’s going to burst out of my head.  I’ll worry about it tomorrow… “After all, tomorrow is another day.”


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