There are a few things that I make a point to never discuss, politics is one of them. However, after the things I saw last week, I have decided to break to my own rule. Regardless of my personal opinions, I try really hard to make sure that I at least respect an opposing view. But the things I saw on Facebook and Twitter and the stories that I read infuriated me so much that I needed almost a week to compose myself. The two things that most disturbed me were all of the name calling and the numerous claims of being disgusted to be an American.

Really? I saw where people were being called uneducated, stupid, varmints, morons, and so on and so on. What pissed me off was that these were the same people that have promoted anti-bullying campaigns. What kind of example are you setting? How are things supposed to change if no one is willing to discuss things in a rational way? In fact, our elected leaders are acting the same way. But of course, the forgotten part is that they are elected. Not just the President, but the House and the Senate. Am I the only one that remembers the House and Senate are in place as a system of checks and balances so that the President doesn’t become a dictator?

The most disturbing thing are the numerous posts where people are claiming to be disgusted or disappointed to be American. How can anyone even think that? I would never be disappointed about being American. There are thousands of men and women that have sacrificed their lives in order to give us the freedom to have varied opinions. There are people that are literally dying to come to our country, but those that are citizens are taking their freedom for granted.

Regardless of what my beliefs are or what anyone else’s are, I think that it is our duty to discuss these differences so that we can at least come to a compromise. You can’t just expect to vote and then be done with it. We have to constantly write, call, or email our local and state representatives so that our voices can be heard. We need to be more involved in not just the presidential election, but all of the other elections no matter how small they seem. Stop bitching and crying about things and instead get involved so that maybe the outcome would be desirable for everyone.


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