I’m over it

So, yeah, about 6 months ago I had planned to start blogging more… obviously, we see how that went.  Instead, I got sucked into permanent exhaustion.  I have not had the energy to do anything but go to work and sleep.  Hell, sleeping has become my favorite hobby.  I can thank my amazing thyroid for that.  Or should I thank my fabulous immune system?  Either way, I’m over it.

Thanks to my good friends at WebMD, and one consultation from a integrative family medical clinic, I have diagnosed myself with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  Basically for reasons unknown, my immune system is attacking my thyroid.  This lovely condition means that I can’t lose weight, I have a rapid heartbeat, I’m almost always hot, and I am unbelievably tired.  Not like oh-I-could-really-use-a-nap tired, but more like sleeping-for-36-hours-straight-still-isn’t-enough tired.  And let me tell you… this shit sucks!  I hate being tired all time.  I can deal with the perma-fat thing.  I can even deal with sweating like a whore in church in 50 degree weather.  But I hate having to sleep for hours and hours and still feeling like lifting my head off the pillow would be like pulling a car with my teeth.  

Now, my self-diagnosis wasn’t something that happened overnight.  I think that I have been slowly experiencing different symptoms for years and finally figured out what could be causing it.  It seemed like no matter how normal my blood tests said I should be feeling, I could not make the symptoms tone their shit down.

I have finally decided that enough is enough.  For the love of gravy, sleeping my life away doesn’t really sound like a good way to spend my 30’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking to give up my 2-hour power naps.  Life without naps just seems crazy.  But with the help of my mom, I have modified my diet (no nightshade vegetables; limiting, with plans of maybe eliminating, dairy, gluten, and sugar) and so far it seems to be helping.  Granted, I would really love to dive into a few donuts and a Coke (I really miss soda).  But in the long run, I have to make these sacrifices so that the weird lump on my throat will calm down and I can start to feel normal again.  

I do have an appointment next week with an endocrinologist so I will hopefully get an official diagnosis… even though my own research hasn’t failed me yet.  



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