The Week That Was – AKA: TW2

It’s like the universe heard that I wanted to try and get off my crazy meds, so it decided to fuck with me this week.  Either that or I have some kind of crazy asshole attractor because this week has been full of them.  Well except for maybe Monday.

Ahhhh.  Monday.  Monday was great.  I requested that day off because it was the Yankees home opener and I wasn’t going to miss opening day this year.  I started my morning with coffee, sleepy kitties, and writing.  Lots of writing.


I decided that I was going to attempt Camp NaNoWriMo (there’s a little less pressure to meet a word count).  I did’t get as far as I wanted back in November so I decided to continue the quest.  Pretending to be Diane Keaton was glorious!  Of course, being able to watch the Yankee game was great too. We won by the way (yes I’m part of the team.)

Of course the badassness of Monday quickly disappeared when I woke up Tuesday and realized I had to go back to work.  I knew I needed to get a bunch of shit done since I was out.  But surprisingly I wasn’t stressed until some doctor called to chew my ass about a payment she missed.  Hey broad, I didn’t forget to make your loan payment.  I also wasn’t aware that you were now in charge of paying the bills instead of the your business partner.  Had you responded to the numerous emails and phone messages that were left for you over the last year, the whole situation could have probably been avoided.

Wednesday… ehh.  The only good about Wednesday, besides another Yankee game, was that I was looking forward to Acupuncture Thursday.  I LOVE going to acupuncture.  It’s amazing to be able to feel all of the bullshit escape by way of those tiny needles.  That feeling of alignment usually lasts well into the weekend… unless your upstairs neighbor is an arrogant prick who feels his dog doesn’t need to be on a leash and that dog then runs down the stairs to attack our dog.  Technically he isn’t my dog; I would say he’s more like the family dog.  Either way, the stupid neighbor dog ended up biting our dog and left a lovely little puncture wound in his butt cheek.  I was pissed.  I’m still pissed.

Look at this face.  Why would you want to bite him in the ass?
Look at this face. Why would you want to bite him in the ass?

That leads me to today.  First thing this morning I called the apartment office and let the manager have it because the arrogant prick neighbor also works for the complex.  How are you going to send me little notes in my door about how to keep my animal(s) on a leash, but the shithead that works and lives here isn’t following the same rules?  Talk about some bullshit.  As the day progressed, it was like all of the other assholes of the world were taunting me.  Assholes with a stick in their ass, assholes acting like the world owes them something, assholes not pushing their stalled piece of shit car out of the middle of rush hour traffic.

Hopefully this weekend turns around.  Breakfast with my in-laws, tutoring in the afternoon, then watching boxing with friends, and of course plenty of Yankees baseball.


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