About Me…

Well… thinking about this has definitely given me some anxiety.  That’s one of my biggest flaws, I have a tendency to put entirely too much pressure on myself to be perfect.

Anywho, pending the state doesn’t secede, I am a proud Texan, born and raised.  No, I don’t have cattle or horses, and no, I don’t have any interest in oil.  I live in San Antonio but the city is so much more than just the Riverwalk.  Even though I have been here my entire life, I am still discovering parts of this city that I never knew existed.

I am married to my bestest pal, T.  He is the gravy on my mashed potatoes of life.  🙂

We have one lovely, though very feline, baby. Irish.


Being the big sports fans that we are, she was named after our favorite college football team, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.  We have no plans on being parents to human babies… nothing against it, we just don’t think it’s for us.  We have plenty of nieces and nephews that we can borrow whenever we get the baby itch.

Besides my spouse and my girl, I love all things peanut butter.  I think that my liking is starting to turn into an obsession.  I also love tattoos, paranormal shows, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, and heavy metal music.  Sorry peeps, no super girly shit here.

Oh yeah, I have a tendency to cuss like a sailor.  So, if you are easily offended by cussing and trash talk, this is not the blog for you.

Stick around, maybe you’ll enjoy yourself.


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